§inful Dawl (poisonivy420) wrote in bbnonuglies,
§inful Dawl

A pic , and a purpose.

Im baaaaaackkkkk....
Anyone miss me ? haha ..

Anyways I have a purpose..
If you ladies would be sweet enough to check out my website , I have clothes and shoes and goodies for sale, now this isnt really truely going for my good sweet self sadly. Im going in for surgery on October 4th , and I dont have and insurance from work , so I have to pay for all these doctor bills, prescriptions and then the surgery all by my self.. so Im selling things so I dont go crazy and can atleast pay my regular bills on time with out the hospital jumping down my throat about payments...
So if you know of anyone who would be interested in my digs by all means pass my link along... what ever you can help out with is more than what I started with . I love you girls and will be posting back in here soon again .

Love ,
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