Oscura Diosa (oscuradiosa) wrote in bbnonuglies,
Oscura Diosa

check out my sales journal trendyplussales or click the cut to view current items for sale! Auctions end today!!

Long Button Down Mint Green Plaid Dress 22W

Cute Denim Summer Dress 2X

Long Button Down Summer Dress w/burgundy roses 1X

Betsy's Things Woman Crinkled Purple Sundress 20W

Long Sleeved Polo Shirt Burgundy Striped/Pink 26/28

Take Nine Maternity Top Size 24/26

Pink Cami/Cardigan set Size Large

Tribeca Studio Navy Dress Pants 24W

(Lane Bryant) Khaki Slacks size 24

Cherokee Plus Dark Stretch Denim Jeans Size 24W 29L

Cherokee Plus Light Denim Jeans 24WP

Zana-Di Stretch Denim/Leather Lace Jeans Size 20

Stretch Black Cotton Capris 2x (maternity)

Knee Length Dark Denim Maternity Skirt 1X

Liz Claiborne Size 22 Long Drawstring Khaki Cargo Skirt

SafeFit Baby Rearview Mirror
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